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By: Etymonix  09-12-2011
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Media Raider is a Windows application that converts multiple formats (Video CD, CD-I, CDRWin BIN and WinImage ISO files) to MPEG system/audio/video. Please note that AVI and MOV (QuickTime) files are not yet supported.

Video CD is a common CD format used to store MPEG data (audio/video) on CD-ROMs. It's popular for such uses as movies, Karaoke and documentaries. It's also great for home videos. Video CD files typically use the "DAT" extension.

CD-I is short for CD-Interactive and is an older CD format used for movies and interactive games. CD-I movies contain both audio and video data but not all CD-I discs contain MPEG data. Media Raider only supports extraction from CD-I movies.

CDRWin BIN/CUE is a file format that contains an image of all the sectors on a CD. BIN files (created with Golden Hawk Technology's CDRWin software) are used for CD authoring and distribution. Media Raider supports extraction of the MPEG data from BIN files containing Video CD or CD-I movie data.

Similarly, WinImage ISO is a file format that contains an image of all the sectors on a CD. Media Raider supports extraction of the MPEG data from ISO files containing Video CD or CD-I movie data.

The MPEG files that are generated by Media Raider can be played back with any standard MPEG player and can be imported into any editing application that supports MPEG such as Adobe Premiere. Some third-party tools can be used to further convert the MPEG files to other formats (like AVI or QuickTime).

Key Features

  • Fully supports MPEG extraction from the following formats:
    • Video CD (Karaoke) formats v2.0 and v1.1
    • CD-I movie discs
    • CDRWin BIN/CUE image files (containing Video CD or CD-I data)
    • WinImage ISO image files (containing Video CD or CD-I data)
  • Extract to MPEG system (audio+video), video only or audio only streams
  • Handles multiple files (batch mode)
  • Accepts input files from CD or from hard disk
  • Automatically scans all CDROM drives for Video CD files and CD-I movie discs
  • "Smart" extraction algorithm from a CDRWin BIN image file doesn't need the CUE file
  • Optimized for speed
  • Supports drag and drop from Explorer
  • User-friendly setup program fully automates install/uninstall procedure
  • Runs under the Windows operating system (2000, NT4, 98, 95)
  • Easy to use


Media Raider is distributed as shareware and its extended use requires registration. A 30-day trial period is allowed for evaluation purposes.

Registered users are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Technical support for bug fixes
  • Notification of new releases
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you are helping us develop quality software

Keywords: Fully Automates, Technical Support, Video,

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