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By: Dynacom  09-12-2011

The Dynacom ERP solution provides you with fast, reliable and comprehensive accounting, and financial reporting capabilities. Enriched by powerful tools that meet the financial demands of classic budgetary accounting, the Dynacom ERP solution enhances the performance of your financial system for cost and performance accounting, double-entry bookkeeping by providing a comprehensive set of financial reports allowing you to make sound business decisions.

These modules form the keystone of your accounting system. Equipped with a set of flexible functionalities, these modules group all the tools and reports necessary for the healthy management of accounting procedures and to meet your budgeting needs.

The Dynacom Financial Statement Generator is designed to provide you with the reporting flexibility you need to produce consistent, accurate, and fully customizable views of your
financial data by converting your model into a standard Excel worksheet.

The Financial Statement Generator includes the following functions:

•  Obtain and handle budgeted amounts
•  Make comparisons and calculate financial ratios
•  Prepare consolidated financial statements that include multiple companies
•  Quickly validate the financial statements information
•  Turn the financial statement data into charts
•  Create financial statements templates reusable for several companies
•  Recover information coming from custom fields that have been added via Synergy
•  Create portable financial statements sets

The Dynacom ERP budgeting capabilities allows you to establish long term budgetary goals by allocating budget figures to your accounts for each period of your fiscal year. You can also compare the assets, liabilities, and equity of your company to the budgeted figures.

Companies that frequently do business with foreign companies, must record and track transactions in foreign currencies. The advantage of using the multi-currency system of the Dynacom ERP application is that it allows you to perform transactions using foreign currencies while still maintaining a simple but rigorous management of your accounting. Reports allow presentation of amounts in either the actual currency of the transaction or will convert amounts to the company currency.

Segmentation allows you to establish the financial repartition of your company into such components as divisions and profit centers. This allows you to relate segments to specific General Ledger accounts in order to assign income and expense figures to the appropriate areas of your company. This function is ideal for companies with different retail locations or warehouses, as it will enable them to expand what offerings are most profitable and fix what offerings are not profitable.

The Dynacom ERP solution provides you with the option of recording recurring transactions, meaning those that will be regularly occurring. With this functionality, you can not only save time and the trouble of re-entering the same information each time but you'll also reduce the risk of error.

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