Lawn Fertilization

By: AJK Lawn  16-08-2010
Keywords: Lawn Maintenance, lawn care, Garden Care

Step 1: Application of organic-base fertilizer to ensure fast sprouting of your lawn and proper root development for the new shoots. In a very dense lawn resulting from this application, weed seeds will have a hard time to sprout and grow.

Step 2: Nitrogen Of all the major elements your lawn needs, nitrogen is at the top. This is what give the grass its rich green color and makes it grow sturdy, dense and thick to create a healthy environment. When your lawn is strong and healthy it will naturally fight off bugs and pests and produce a beautiful accent to your house. (If needed, an Iron treament  can be used to correct soil deficiencies - at extra cost)

Step 3: Application of slow-release organic-base fertilizer. This fertilizer helps the soil to retrieve the nutrients that were washed away during heavy rains in the Spring and promotes normal lawn growth during Summer in order to keep the lawn greener for longer.

Step 4: Application of slow release organic potassium to help toughen the roots and foliage – yes grass leaves are foliage – this enhances your lawn’s ability to resist wear and tear, disease and cold weather.

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