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By: Aderco Chemical Products  09-12-2011
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Measuring Sustainability

Sustainability, in a broad sense, is the capacity to endure. The word is pointing to a long-term development concept aiming to help humans meet their present needs without compromising the ability to also meet their future needs. The word is also being used today as a marketing image which too often does not reflect the reality as a whole. At Aderco, we take this issue very seriously. In order to take a step towards true sustainability, we must measure and compare different operational scenarios and choose the one with the most sustainable outcome. To do so, we must consider and work with the 3 pillars of sustainability, namely, Efficiency, Economy and Environment.




Efficiency can be very difficult to evaluate because of the numerous factors involved in the equation. But, the most realistic way to evaluate real efficiency is by comparison to some reference, which in this case would be the operation before the treatment. First, the operation must be evaluated as-is and then re-evaluated after a typical trial period, to compare the differences and show the improvements. Some key factors must be considered in order to have a realistic approach and to be able to evaluate a meaningful performance chart. In general, fuel atomization and combustion are optimized (less carbon fouling), the work done per unit of fuel is increased, exhaust temperatures are lower, sludge rejects are minimized and performance remains at top level for extended periods of time.


With the Aderco cost assessment tool, our technicians can evaluate the cost savings generated by the continuous use of Aderco additives in a certain operation. Many parameters are big cost generators and can be optimized, generating real economy in many areas. The first step consists in measuring part of the operation before the treatment. Then, after the typical trial period of cleaning action, the same parameters are re-evaluated and the total economy is calculated, treatment cost included. Other economy generating elements are less visible in the short run but are very important to consider. A flexible maintenance program can also be implemented thanks to theoperational reliability. And what about the reduced risk of expensive breakdowns, it is showing that the Aderco solution is the winner in the long run.


By taking in consideration the different elements considered to have an effect on the carbon footprint and the environment, we can obtain a reference to which compare different scenarios. Our goal is to find a solution to minimize the overall carbon footprint of an operation by working on the fuel related parameters. Several options need to be evaluated to be able to choose the solution with the most sustainable outcome. In the end, this is the first step towards sustainability and  the right choice for building a responsible corporate image.

Keywords: Fuel, Sustainability

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