Mechanical Power Drives from WilsonMachine

By: Wilsonmachine  09-12-2011

The gearing products manufactured by WilsonMachine are very diverse but share a number of characteristics in common. Often part of power drive systems, they are often massive and must operate 24/7 without interruption year in, year out. Although they are to be found in all parts of Canada and around the world, they are often hidden from the eye. To achieve the long-term operating reliability , despite their size they must be machined to tolerances equal to an eighth of the thickness of a sheet of paper. With the modern equipment used, the optimal gear profiles now possible exceed by far what could be achieved even 10 years ago.

Most are customized products, designed in collaboration with the customer's engineering staff. They involve certified materials and the final products often have a library of documents associated with them. WilsonMachine has an outstanding reputation for achieving a high level of quality . Specific examples of the products can be found in the associated web pages dealing with the following:

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Bevel Gears, one of many gearing systems serviced by WilsonMachine

Although the manufacture of large and precise gearing systems is itself challenging, what is really critical is that gearing systems continue to operate reliably without incident. The aim is to avoid or minimize down time.To achieve this, Wilson Machine will act as your partner in ensuring trouble-free operations through a number of service activities. WilsonMachine works with its customers to ensure this trouble-free experience.


Le services complet offert par WilsonMachine

Pour atteindre cet objectif, votre partenaire, WilsonMachine, vous propose divers services pour assurer un fonctionnement sans faille. Mais plus important encore, ces systèmes doivent continuer de fonctionner en toute fiabilité, sans incident. WilsonMachine travaille en collaboration avec ses clients pour assurer un fonctionnement impeccable. Nous mettons tout en place et vous aidons à élaborer des programmes d'entretien adaptés.