Why choose Deburex | Deburex Aviation | Deburring and finishing of machined parts

By: Deburex  09-12-2011

Since 1968, our team of experts has made it possible for us to maintain excellence in the deburring and finishing of parts not only for the aerospace industry but also for the oil, biomedical, rail and transport industries.

At Deburex, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We have the ability to satisfy any machined part deburring and finishing request. With our state-of-the-art equipment, size does not matter; our experts can deburr or polish parts the size of an Airbus 340 landing gear weighing a ton to pieces requiring micro deburring with the use of a microscope — with exceptional dexterity and accuracy.

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Pourquoi choisir Deburex | Deburex Aviation | Ébavurage et finition de pièces usinées

Nous possédons une gamme d’équipements de pointe permettant d’ébavurer ou de polir les pièces de toutes dimensions allant du train d’atterrissage d’un Airbus 340 pesant une tonne, jusqu’au microébavurage qui nécessite l’utilisation d’un microscope et une dextérité exceptionnelle de la part de nos spécialistes.