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By: Dunany  09-12-2011

Dunany » Association

We have taken on the task of promoting and supporting all the social activities that are not directly related to the golf course…and there are many., says president Maurice Pilon in his 2011 Fall Newsletter. The wonderful website that was developed by Jacques Pigeon will serve as our main tool for communications and we hope that you will consult it more and more frequently. We want to help the organizers of the different activities to reach more residents and,  de facto, create stronger social bonds within the community.

I want, in your name, to thank especially Robert Percy for the efforts he has personally given to make the kayaking events (SPANK) such a great success on its second year.

Some of the activities that we will support and promote are:

The Walking Club

The Friday Ski Club (downhill)

The Curling Group

The kayaking (SPANK)

The painting group

The Glee Club

Green Day, etc…

Then we also want to discuss the security issues that face our community. We think this important enough, that the board has created an ‘ad hoc ‘committee which will be headed by Sheryl Caron. The members will meet during the winter and come up with proposals to help improve the general security in our area. You will be kept informed.

We will also revive a tradition which the association used to have: honouring a resident who has contributed in a special way to the bettering of the community.

This year Black lake became the privileged home of 1000 speckled trout and our “chief fishing officer” (Rod) would love to hear from anyone lucky enough to catch some… regarding their size, etc…

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Comme bon nombre d’entre vous le savent, le programme Bon voisin, bon œil, s’articule autour d’un groupe de volontaires de chaque lac, dont l’objectif est la prévention du crime et du vandalisme dans notre communauté. Comme nous l’a dit Gilles Mitchell de la SQ lors de notre assemblée générale a annuelle de 2011, nous sommes les yeux et les oreilles de la police.


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Neighborhood Watch of Dunany, as many of you know, is an organized group of volunteers whose purpose is the prevention of crime and vandalism in our community. As Gilles Mitchell, the SQ representative at our last AGM said, we are the eyes and ears of the police. Without information, which only we possess, many criminal incidents cannot be prevented or solved.


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Some of us who had signed contracts for Bell Turbo Stations had to bargain hard with the giant to move to DSL without penalty but we managed. Since this offering is in stealth mode, I have decided to share this good news and will gladly respond to inquiries on the topic. That little shed, in front of 1100 Dunany Road, houses the Bell telephone switch. You have all seen it numerous times on the way to your home in Dunany.