By: Maçonnerie Anm  09-12-2011

Doing repairs on a building is one thing, but restoring a building with good planning and the right interventions in order to keep the architectural integrity, and value of the property is a method that we at MASONRY ANM are proud to have developed and adopted. This type of work requires a great deal of experience,  and a contractor who is familiar with traditional working methods, new restoration products, and sharp analytical skills . With recycling existing materials of your property, masonry restoration will satisfy your needs ecologically. With this, we collaborate with ecological advancement. Our main priority is to know your needs. We will go out of our way to perfectly analyse your demands, as well as provide professional services. Our staff possesses the analytical sense necessary to restore a property with calculated and durable interventions. Our knowledge in this domain and on available products will provide you with confidence for your investment.

Other products and services from Maçonnerie Anm


New Masonry Work

Our knowledge and experience, our team of qualified masons, our up to date equipment, our reputation and the particular attention we give to details, has allowed us over the years to have completed some of the most prestigious masonry jobs in the city.


Consultation and Expertise

Our overall knowledge of the building envelope not limited to only masonry, and our access to ingeneer and architects specialized in this field, gives us a particular advantage to our competitors. Deteriorating, crumbling brickwork or stonework is often due to poor workmanship, poor choice of materials, bad design or simply age and weather.



To make sure the cost of the renovation is worthwhile and to increase the overall value of the property it’s important to plan each stage very carefully. Acceding to your demands and with our analytical sense, we will be able to choose new adequate products for the renovation of your project. Masonry Anm is not only happy to renovate, but we also keep the integrity and agricultural value of your property.