My Family Has Two Houses workbook

My Family Has Two Houses workbook from Loving The Right Ways/Divorce Support Plus

By: Loving The Right Ways/Divorce Support Plus   02-02-2011
Keywords: Divorce Recovery

"My Family Has Two Houses" is an interactive workbook for 6-12 year olds

This workbook is intended to fill a gaping hole for the children of divorce. It is not meant to replace therapy, counseling, divorce coaching, peer support groups, or any such service available to children of divorce.

My Family Has Two Houses
is an interactive workbook for school-aged children that will make understanding, acceptance and healing easier for children of divorce. There is no need to secretly hope that you're right when you say, "My child is fine" or to be upset that their other parent refuses to allow you to take them to a therapist. The My Family Has Two Houses 'workshop in a workbook' was created just for those reasons. If you are separated or divorced with children, this book can be purchased by you and worked on with you and your child, no permission needed, no more worrying if your child has been negatively affected by your divorce.

As the pages are filled according to simple instructions, children are assisted in openly expressing themselves through writing and drawing to build the book based on their own life, thoughts, and feelings. Whether your child works on the book alone and you have open discussion later, or you guide your younger child through the book, you will be helping with their acceptance, understanding and healing.

This book is a valuable self-healing tool for kids; a conversation starter for adults and children; a collaborative healing and bonding project for parents and their kids; a great tool to bring with to assist a professional if/when seen, and essential for all children of divorce.

The exercises from this book come from the "DivorceSmarts" play-N-Talk program that has been offered by Sharon Shenker, the founder of Divorce Support Plus, for over twenty-five years.

Keywords: Divorce Recovery

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