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By: Ggi International  09-12-2011


GGI International is active in virtually every sector of the marketplace where there is a product requiring a user interface. If you and your company are in the early stages of product development, or updating an existing platform, we encourage you to call on GGI's technical experts to propose and guide you through the user-interface development stage. We have developed solutions in the automotive, specialty-vehicle and marine industry, just to name a few. Be sure to call on us. We would be pleased to provide you with references for your due diligence and, of course, we encourage you to visit GGI International at your convenience in our wonderful city of Montreal!

GGI International brings you an expendable and customized design approach to the specific requirements of projects. GGI's project management structure is equally adaptable and could go from shared responsibilities to complete undertaking with product certification. GGI's team is made of dedicated and motivated highly qualified professionals that are driven by the constant desire of providing you with the best solutions, products and services. GGI's commitment to excellence and sustained quality performance is driving its team in its search for new and better ideas. Innovation is not a random phenomenon at GGI International. It is our core competence.

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Graphic Overlays - Membrane Switches/Keypads - Products

Membrane switch keypad graphic overlays designed by GGI International range from polycarbonate, polyester and poly blends available in a wide range of thicknesses and surface finishes. The function of the graphic overlay is to display the cosmetic portion of the assembly, such as texts, colors, pictograms, display windows, key functions, selective texturing, etc.