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By: Everest Freight  09-12-2011

Our professional freight management team guarantees your cross border services, from pick up to drop off. Your FTL-LTL needs are fulfilled with a courteous, well trained team of professional drivers, dispatchers and freight managers.

Our freight managers personally handle every shipment with state of the art tracking techniques expediting your deliveries within Canada, the United States and Mexico. A fleet of skillfully trained dispatchers, alongside professional and cautious drivers will respect your freight from pick up to drop off. Each member of the Everest team is trained to provide only first class, customer service and 100% customer satisfaction.

The Everest team works hard every day to ensure that new partners join the Everest experience in order to provide top quality service to every client.

Our job at Everest is to deliver your goods anywhere in the US as mandated by you, the client. Our goal is to deliver this mandate, safely, cost effectively and with total client satisfaction. We will never compromise safety and efficiency for anything.

Everest uses state of the art, satellite tracking and the most advanced LTL management software available in the market. This platform ensures efficient, cost effective solutions to transport any load. Along with our sophisticated management software systems we have an efficient, professional freight management team that provides excellent customer service. Their task is to locate the best prices and to be as cost effective as possible

Our service professionals will help your company make the right decisions. The Everest team takes great pride in our trained professionals and offers a wide selection of shipping services for your specialized cargo needs.

All you need to do is call our toll free number and our freight managers will do the rest. As top of the line service providers, we will ensure that all your needs are taken care of. The Everest Team will take care of your shipment from pick up to drop off. Trust in the Everest name.

Simply call (888) 336-8679.

Our Freight Managers are available every day 24 hours per day. Highly advanced and sophisticated, our managers have portable equipment allowing them to access your file anywhere at any time of the day. Our mission is to ensure that you receive complete customer service regardless the time of day. We are there, for your peace of mind.

Our intelligence and logistics team works around the clock looking for new ways to better fulfill your shipping needs. Satellite tracking, online quote service and portable technology are just some of the features Everest will host in the near future. Our goal is to find simple solutions that are cost effective and save the end user - our customers, time and money.

We'll Haul Mountains For You!