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By: Source Oméga  09-12-2011
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You can contact Source Omega at all times for your units.

Source Omega's employees will adhere to your security rules and regulations, i.e. they will wear a protective hat, glasses and hard-cap boots if required. On top of that, Source Omega asks that all its employees wear latex gloves and hair net, for hair and beard, when cleaning your units. After all, they are dealing with a food unit! Furthermore, they are easily recognizable because they wear a uniform with their name on the front and the company's logo on the back

Should you hesitate to have one of your own unit modified, Source Oméga could temporarily install a modified water cooler for a one-week trial, at no cost and without any obligation on your part.


Source Oméga repairs almost all units from the below mentioned makes. Furthermore, we can replace the copper reservoir from your existing water fountains by a stainless steel one to avoid having a metal taste to your water.We can get your replacement parts for all units from the following makes : Antartika, Cordley, Elkay, Halsey Taylor, Haws, Ebco, Oasis et Sunroc, i.e. faucets, covers, pressure regulators, thermostats, receptacle, etc.


Modified water coolers look exactly the same as bottled water coolers, except there is no bottle, and they supply cold water, just as the bottled water coolers do. The difference is that they are hooked up to the water pipes of the building and they are equiped with a float and a filtration system. The filtration that we usually install is made up of the following filters or cartridges :

We use copper pipes to hook the unit to the building's pipes. Ideally, your units should be installed close to a water pipe, therefore close to a coffee-break area, a bathroom or in the cafeteria.



Filters and cartridges are not necessarily changed on each visit. They will be replaced when required and the frequency of these changes will depend on two criteria : the quality of the water coming into the unit as well as the traffic at the unit. Generally speaking, they are all changed at least once a year.


We sell all the products which are on this web site.Our rental contracts are available for companies, industries and government agencies only. They can therefore rent a modified cooler or rent the modification of one or more units which belong to them. These contracts are "all inclusive".

Keywords: Modified Water Cooler, water cooler,

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