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By: Afs Wordstead  09-12-2011
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Tony, I cried when I finished reading the book today. I loved the work that you did.  I can't thank you enough. You have been the savior of my book with your vivid and clear wordplay that the reader can relate to and visualize. This book is based on a true story and very raw. When I began writing this book it was geared towards one specific reader. You were able to paint a more diverse feel for the story while still capturing it's essence. The book was good based on my own writing skills, but you made it great! If you want to bring your writing to life Tony Shaker is the best to do it! Thank you and God Bless you  for all of your help.

- Bryant Daluz
You Gotta Dance

(based on a true story)

I lived through the events described in my first two books, but you brought everything back to life in a way that makes me tear! During WWII, I was the youngest resistance commander in Nazi-occupied Greece, and didn't expect to make it..From an old man to a good friend, who might just as well have fought the occupation by my side, please accept my heartfelt thanks for all your work.

- Peter Bassels, WWII veteran,

former Greek Resistance fighter

and successful businessman

The Immigrant, The Crossed Gloves and

Tales of the Greek Resistance

I have just finished reading the manuscript. This is phenomenally good! You have  said basically what I wanted to say in an extremely eloquent way that I wasn't even close to accomplishing. I can't believe it, but this is one of the best nonfiction reads I have come across in a while.

- Phil Sanderson

An Essay on America's System of Justice

I have just completed the process of publishing my first manuscript, and I must say that you have helped me find the most eloquent and highest expression for my thoughts. I want to acknowledge your tremendous contribution to my personal success and that of my book project. I look forward to using you as my resource to support all of my writing needs. You are a true master at what you do.

- Harold Davis, MscD, PhD

Inspirational speaker and success coach
Moving the Stars With Your Words: How to be the creative factor and achieve

what you really want out of Life 


Dr. Shaker, I have read the manuscript and I am so darn impressed with what you have done I can't find words to express it. You are definitely a master at what you do. I hope you will allow me to include you in my acknowledgments, because I want those who read the book to know about you..You certainly deserve that if you would allow me.

- Robert Sullivan ,

Georgia businessman

The Formula: Building Competitive

Advantage for the Motor Carrier

My mother said she would like to meet you one day…I have to agree that you did an incredible job getting in sync with my memories and emotions. I am so glad that I decided to work with you! I hope we will continue to work together on future projects.

- Margot Hyland

Across the Color Line (memoir)

Before Anthony became involved in my project I was never going to complete my,  book, Two Rivers of Gold. Frustrated I turned to him for help and in a short time, with his guidance, the project was completed. He was candid, helpful, understand- ing and professional. Recently I started another novel and will no doubt seek his help at some point. In between projects he has always been available to answer questions and assisted me in the search for an agent.

- Daniel W. Kent
Two Rivers of Gold (crime novel)

I found working with you a pleasure and an experience that helped me grow as a writer. Even when I found that I didn't agree 100 per cent with your solution to a problem, I saw that there had, indeed, been a problem to solve. Usually, however, the problem was mine and the solution yours.

– Andrew M. Wilson
Inlets (novel)

I can't tell you how much you have helped me with my writing. I want to thank you for the great job you did editing my manuscript. Your work, according to an agent in D.C., was exceptional. Thank you again. If I had known about your work before my book Footprints Of The Garden Snake was published, it would have saved me a lot of time. Oh by the way, you may purchase a copy on line at

- Vivian Allison

Footprints of the Garden Snake

Keywords: success coach, Writing

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Yet he sees, not merely the written text, but the soul and spirit that is behind every passage that emerges from a writers deepest parts..His attention to detail, his vast vocabulary, his eye for the tiniest elements of structure, character, even grammar and punctuation leave no stone unturned in his quest to deliver perfection to a client.