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By: Ngenio  09-12-2011
Keywords: leadership, Team Building, Management Systems


MPO (Management and Performance in Organizations) is a solution designed to manage human capital in organizations, and is based on the assessment of personality and perceived job performance.

The tool assesses seven factors and their interactions, to produce a graphical and written report. This allows certified analysts to use results in a variety of ways within their organizations.

People from any organization can be trained to become authorized analysts, or use the service of our certified partners located in the United States or Canada.


Fast & Simple Administration Process

  1. A 15 minute questionnaire is completed by the individual (Web based or paper)
  2. Results are compiled in our web application
  3. Report is generated and ready to use by a certified analyst in your company
  4. A web application allow users to manage their surveys

    Many Useful Applications

    • Hiring & Selection
    • Leadership Development (a leadership report is required)
    • Team Building (a team building report is required)
    • Performance Management
    • Coaching
    • Conflict Management and Resolution
    • Training and Development Planning
    • Career Development and Succession Planning
    • Organizational Design
    • Analysis of Management Systems (Such as compensation or goal setting)

    Who should use of our solutions?

    • Organizations of all sizes
    • Business Leaders and Managers
    • Human Resource Departments
    • Consultants and Coaches offering their services to organizations

    MPO advantages

    • Administration & results of assessment available in 20 minutes or less
    • Instant interpretation of results using our graphics and reports
    • Complete and advanced written results
    • Flexibility of use in the organization
    • An easy to learn and use solution
    • Validation and accuracy meets all standards of the APA (American Psychology Association), EEOC (U.S. Equal Employment
      Opportunity Commission) and CPA (Canadian Psychological Association)
    • Simple and effective web application
    • Recent standard norms (2010) representative of the U.S., Canadian and Quebec population in English and French

    Keywords: career development, conflict management, leadership, Management Systems, Organizational Design, Performance Management, Team Building, training and development

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