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By: Oceatec  09-12-2011

Because of our strong mechanical design engineering expertise, we, at Oceatec, can solve problems. We do this by developing innovative and effective solutions that work. Our expertise and experience allows us to specialize in developing new and custom-made industrial equipment

At Oceatec, our expertise and experience in automation solution development and process improvement techniques in the seafood and fish processing industry are second to none. Oceatec specializes in developing new equipment as well as in improving the performance of existing machinery which allows us to solve specific problems that processors and fishermen experience on a routine basis.

Oceatec can effectively develop solutions in:

  • Under exploited species processing automation;
  • Processing residue valorization;
  • Existing equipment productivity and yield improvement.

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Oceatec - Services - services

Oceatec dispose d’une forte expertise en ingénierie de conception mécanique et offre ses services pour solutionner efficacement les problèmes qui lui sont soumis. Oceatec vise à développer des solutions innovatrices dont l’objectif est l’amélioration de la productivité et du rendement de vos activités manufacturières.