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By: Ec3-coach  09-12-2011
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Coaching and sports, the connection is obvious. We do not even consider an athlete at the Olympics without the support of a coach. Is it because he is not good? Of course not! He's already one of the best. Then why does he have a coach?

The application is identical in business! Even if executive coaching is not new, we may say that it has been reserved for an elite organisations (politics, mega-corporations, etc.)

You will benefit from our coaching if you are audacious and you wish to play big. The challenges you must face are complex. Nor you, nor anybody else has a ready-made answer.

The most common challenges of our times are:

  • living a balanced life in work/family/ hobbies
  • increasing performances with less resources
  • maintaining a substantial growth

The most common complaints are:

  • So and so is doing me wrong, it's his/her fault…
  • I can't do anything about it, I do not control that part of the situation.
  • They don't understand.

Acting on a problem brings on many efforts and few results. Instead set your focus (thoughts, words and actions) on the ideal situation and how to reach it.

Better work with your strengths than to work on your weaknesses!

All of your knowledge and capacities allowed you to reach the level of success your at right now. Consequently, reaching a new level of success requires you to gain new knowledge and capacities. You will have to firmly comit to the process that will lead you to the success you are looking for.

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Keywords: Athlete

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Si vous êtes comme la majorité des gens qui nous rencontrent pour la première fois, c'est aussi la première fois que vous entendez parler de coaching et de coaching pour vous, vos aspirations et vos affaires. Si vous sentez son honnêteté et son authenticité et que vous êtes inspiré par cette personne, elle vous permettra certainement de faire un bon bout de chemin.