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Molding and repair work

$35,00 per hour

Custom Airbrush

$50,00 per hour

To get a panel painted of the artwork you would like to have to have an idea of what it’s going to look like once painted, the hourly rate is $25,00 including materials. At this rate, the panels (generaly an aluminum panel on which the artwork is painted and clear coated) will remain the property of Annie Lavoie to serve for display purposes. Never the design or the panel will be sold. It would be possible for the client who asked for the panel to be painted to buy his/her panel. The price would have to be discussed first.

Anti-scratch and resistant to solvents and UV rays Clear coat:                                       Note that this is the additional cost for this type of clear that needs to be added to the total price of the job.

Sportsters and choppers :  add $150,00

Cruisers with bags : add $300,00

Baggers with front feering and bags : add $500,00

Note : This special top quality clear coat is a lot more expensive then our conventional clear. The conventional one is still of a very good quality but this one is the best. The price above is only to cover the price difference between regular and this clear and is not the price for complete clearcoat. The application time is the same, but we like to let it cure longer. This type of clear is strongly recommended for candy apples (especially reds) so they don’t fade under the sun with time. Annie personally tested this clear on her own car painted in candy apple red which is the worst known color to fade and guess what: after 3 years, color is as bright as the day it was applied!

Complete paint or color change

Sportsters size  $500,00

Cruisers size $750,00

Bagger with feering and bags $1250,00

Super sport size $850,00

These prices don’t include repair work.

Frames : $250,00 (Doesn’t include the molding work of the welds.

All prices are subject to change. .

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Candy Apple