By: Mohawktv  09-12-2011
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By: Curran Jacobs

Blogging is such a strange thing. I suppose, the invention of the internet was a phenomenon in itself, and everything that came after it, society today takes for granted. The creation of the internet allows anyone and everyone to be connected with all of the other anyones and everyones of the world.  Whenever I can’t seem to remember who played that bad guy in the movie I saw last week, I open my laptop, and within 15 seconds, Google answers all of my questions and more.

I am still a fan of newspapers. Every week, while in classes at Concordia, I often zone out of lectures for about 20 minutes and read The Link. The amateur writing talent is definitely exposed and gives me something interesting to absorb when Shakespeare just can’t keep my attention. I enjoy reading writing that is printed on a page far more than having to sit in front of a computer screen. However, with the creation of this new fangled thing called Blogging, my old school preferences are slowly being left behind. It seems that everyone blogs. Everyone has something to say about the world, about sports, or food or music. Websites are created for us average Joe’s and Jane’s to forum our voices, even if only one other person reads it.

Some people are terrible writers. It’s as if they skipped the chapter in the pc manual explaining the spell-check option, or they write how they speak (which is often my fate) and can’t seem to properly form thoughts into legible sentences. And then there are those who blow your mind. From the moment you open their page and start reading, you can’t seem to takes your eyes off it. You catch yourself stalking their blog pages morning, noon and night, waiting for a new post to appear, so you can be enlightened again. Those spelling mistakes all of a sudden mean nothing to you anymore, because Mr./Ms. Blogger just welcomed you into a whole new view of apple picking, or movie watching. Anything you are interested in, anything at all comes with professionals who have studied it to death, websites created for and against it, and regular people writing about it on their little blog pay-sites. And all three of those things and people are completely accessible through the World Wide Web.

When I was 15 years old, I would post blogs on MySpace. I thought it was the greatest idea ever, to cryptically document my life, and write lame love poetry about my school days crushes. To me, it was important at the time. I wanted people to know who I was, what I felt and where I wanted to be. Of course, the stats of my blog said that it only had 10 views, 8 of which were probably mine, because I wanted to re-read it over and over again, looking to make improvements. But, what I most enjoyed about that time was that I was really care free. I let my thoughts and emotions hang free for many people to see. Now 6 years later, I still feel like I want to share my opinion with others. I want to be able to let people know where I want to be in life and how I view the world around me. In return, however, I want to know what other people think about the same issues. I really like that I can ask a question, and the everyones of the internet can answer me back. It’s exciting, it’s intriguing, it’s definitely scary but it’s important.  I’ll never be a journalist, and I’ll probably never write a newspaper article in my life. I have bigger ambitions to change the world and mould young minds. But, I do have a voice, and I want to share it. I’m average Jane, forgetting to spell check but incredibly excited to tell you how I feel.

Keywords: Blog, Writing

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