MDI NorthView 1.0 - STRONG / MDI Screen Systems

By: Marcel Desrochers  09-12-2011

Matte White

Smooth reflectance screen with pattern both vertically and horizontally. Matte, non-reflective surface. Crisp uniform images and excellent color reproduction in all parts of the spectrum.

Surface Textured matte white PVC.
Luminance 0.9 in axis.
Perforation 6.5% void (standard) or 7% void (micro).
Material width 54” (1,40m) for perforated or non-perforated screen.
  94” (2,4m) for non-perforated only.

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Masking Motors - STRONG / MDI Screen Systems

In addition, Strong / MDI supplies with each system a complete manual with clear instructions, schematics and pictures to illustrate the different stages of the installation, and the important measurements necessary to install the structure safely and with ease. The operation of the masking is done through electric motors which can be supplied for top, bottom and side masking; all the three masking are available independantly or all together.


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Fixed screens Monarch is part of high range in fixed screen products. The frame is covered of matte black finish. The frame is covered of black velvet.


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This system consists of a structure which is self standing, a masking system of not only side movable screen masking but also screen top and bottom, a section for masking motors and an automation system that enables easy control of the masking curtains. Strong / MDI has developed, after several years of research, a screen frame for medium to large format cinema installations.


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After several years of research and development Strong / MDI is now a leader in large format frame manufacturing. Strong / MDI has developed a system with numerous advantages over the conventionnal structures. Our unique paint tower and the equipment produce one of the best screens on the market. MDI’s screen plant in Joliette, Quebec, Canada has an area of 55 000 sq. Strong / MDI Rolled Screens are available with aluminum or steel truss.


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Cinema screens are provided with welded PVC grommets at 9” center to center on all sides unless specified. Stage & Studio screens are provided to your specifications: grommets, velcro, fold back and pipe pocket. From matte white to 3D screens, from home to large format applications, your satisfaction is our GOAL. Screens available in emergency in a FAST turnaround time with our fast track procedure.