HOTflake Anti-slip Outdoor Heated Mats

By: KEMF Inc.  09-12-2011
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Heated mats made for Canadian winters

HOTflake™ anti-slip outdoor heated mats can make your Canadian winters enjoyable again by melting snow and ice off of your stairs, walkways and driveways. Our heated outside door mats and stair mats provide added traction on surfaces burdened by snow or ice which are areas that otherwise could potentially be hazardous due to accumulation of snow and ice. Canadian-designed HOTflake™ anti-slip outdoor mats not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, but by heating, they also eliminate the back-breaking chore of keeping the outdoors, your stairs, walkway or driveway clear of snow and ice with conventional shovelling.

HOTflake™ heated mats are strong and rugged enough to withstand the weight of cars and SUV'S on driveways.

HOTflake™ heated rubber mats melt both ice and snow ensuring your driveways and entrances remain clear and safe. Designed in Canada for Canadians.

HOTflake™ heated rubber mats allow you to provide added safety for your family, friends and other visitors when entering your home. With HOTflake's™ heated surface, snow and ice melts upon contact.

Eco-friendly! No longer any need for salt or sand! Don't go another Canadian winter without the added safety and convenience of HOTflake™ anti-slip heated mats!

HOTflake™ outdoor heated mats make Canadian winters safe and easy

HOTflake™ outdoor mats are electric snow melting systems designed specifically for your outdoor entranceways, stairs and driveways. Our heated mats are made of 100% moulded rubber, meeting and exceeding Canadian stringent safety standards. HOTflake™ heated mats are TÜV Rheinland approved meeting the highest safety, quality and usability standards for consumers. As durable as automobile tires, HOTflake's™ attractive snowflake embossed mats offer added traction and will melt ice and snow for many Canadian winters to come. You will be amazed and relieved when you see the snow and ice melting upon contact!

HOTflake™ snow melting mat systems' features: Feel the heat!

HOTflake™ anti-slip heated electric mats plug into any standard 120V or 240V outlet and have watertight connector cables ensuring no possibility of water infiltration thus, ideal for Canada's harshest winter conditions. Each of our Heated Mats require a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Power Unit to connect the system to an electrical outlet. With HOTflake's™ anti-slip, snow-melt system you can count on your walkways, stairs and driveways remaining clear of ice and snow throughout the entire winter season. The following are just a few of the additional features offered by our HOTflake™ anti-slip outdoor ice melting mats:

  • Our sturdy rubber mats are designed to be anti slip/skid providing both traction and stability all winter long
  • Made of heavy-duty, 100% moulded virgin rubber
  • Option of interconnecting up to 10 (120v) or 15 (230V) rubber stair treads
  • Option of interconnecting up to 5 (120V), or 10 (230V) walkway mats
  • Designed for residential, commercial and industrial use
  • Easily add or remove rubber mat and stair tread extensions as needed
  • Heated Anti-slip mats are available in 3 convenient sizes – rubber stair treads, heated doormats and walkway mats.
  • HOTflake™ heated snow mats are the ideal solution for keeping wheelchair ramps, entrances and accesses to: Senior Residences, Hospitals and Office buildings, free of dangerous ice and snow build-up.
  • Use our heated mats to keep your walkways to your sauna, spa, barbecue or patio clear throughout the entire winter season!
  • Great as an outside heated doormat
  • Plus many more uses for the HOTflake™ anti-slip outdoor heated mats

Electric snow-melting floor mat systems for the home or office

Our HOTflake™ snowmelt system which provides heated snow-melting mats and stair treads to home and business owners for an efficient and convenient method of eliminating the problem of icy, snowy walkways and stairs around the home or office. Designed to lay on any exterior surface such as: asphalt, stone, concrete, turf, etc. HOTflake™ heated mats are easily transportable and don't require any special installation. Having safe walkways, heated floor mats for stairs and a heated driveway without messy sand or salt is possible with HOTflake™ snow-melting outdoor floor mats.

At the end of the season, just roll up and store!

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