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By: Polyform  09-12-2011
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Polyform’s insulation products division offers several product categories made from expanded polystyrene. The use of this material presents notable physical and economic advantages. Essentially, expanded polystyrene is an inorganic and rot-proof material that is easy to handle and poses no health hazards. It contains no ozone-depleting CFCs or HCFCs.

Expanded polysterene also offers a stable, long-term insulation factor and absorbs little water. Best of all, it’s even more effective in low temperatures. It can be produced at different densities and used for roofs, walls or foundations. Additionally, expanded polystyrene meets strict standards and offers an excellent price-quality ratio.

We can also make insulation boards following your specifications.

Polyform Foam Plastics Inc. is a major manufacturer of permanent insulated concrete forms in North America. This system has become increasingly popular and is best known for its quick installation times, as well as its solidity and performance when combined with Polyform's other insulation products.

The Nudura insulated concrete form is one of the best insulated concrete form system in North America and also has a worldwide recognition. A range of projects were performed with the Nudura insulated concrete forms, for example family houses, prestige country cottages, schools as well as well great hotels throughout the world. Building with the Nudura insulated concrete forms is the ideal choice for your next construction project.

Polyform as a pioneer, has conceived a 2-in-1 product which is unique and patented. It offers superior performances. The popularity of this product is growing for it may insulate all types of constructions. The Homega System™ insulation boards may be used to insulate foundation walls, inner and outer walls, ceilings as well as flooring for your residence to other buildings.


The Thermofoam™ insulation boards differ from conventional insulation products, for their physical variables are superior due to their manufacturing process, which in fact results from moulding along with their unique airtight joint interlocking design. The interlocking system enables a quicker and hermetic installation of the boards. For example, conventional insulation boards are ship lapped only, thus, they might have a tendency to shift slightly during the installation process, thus allowing a certain heat loss possibility. For this reason, the fact of pouring a concrete slab over the Thermofoam™ boards will thus ensure greatly insulated flooring which will be of far greater quality. The image below demonstrates this process.

Airtight joint interlocking design

Conventional insulation boards: ship lapped only

The Thermofoam™ boards of 2’ x 8 ‘ are available in a number of widths : 1¼“, 1⅞“ and 2½“ , which are also available in 4 different compressive resistances, which will result in meeting your needs better in terms of insulating residential, commercial, industrial and institutional constructions.


Novofoil™ refers to the insulation boards made from expanded polystyrene. It measures 4‘ x 8’, and is laminated with an aluminium vapour-barrier which is ideal in terms of insulating foundation walls, inner walls as well as ceilings for new constructions and renovations. This insulation board integrated with the 100% reflective vapour-barrier, enables the board to elevate its "R” value from reflectivity (compared to the one installed with wooden laths only). Furthermore, the boards are ship lapped on sides for better air tightness, and thus ease the installation process. This board is of 4’ x 8’ and is available in two widths: 2” and 3” (which meet the requirements of the Novoclimat program).

It is also available upon request, to manufacture custom boards, at the width of your needs and then laminate the aluminium vapour-barrier membrane afterwards (according to your project's specifications).


Airclad™ is a high density expanded polystyrene board, which is laminated with an air-barrier membrane. This product thus combines an insulating panel's performance (made by Polyform) with the efficiency of an air-barrier membrane (which is permeable to water vapour). The Airclad™ insulation boards focus on insulating the outer walls of buildings of all types of constructions. The lamination process of the Airclad™ product, accentuates the flexibility of the product, thus improving immensely its resistance compared to conventional insulation boards. This board meets the requirements of the Novoclimat program and is available in 4’ x 8’ as well as 4’ x 9’ and in 3 different widths: 1”, 1 ½” and 2”.

It is also available upon request, to manufacture custom boards at the width of your needs, and then laminate the air-barrier membrane afterwards (according to your project's specifications).


Hydrofoam consists of a high density insulation board made from expanded polystyrene material with integrated grooves that ease installation of hydronic floor heating tubes and also insulate concrete slabs. Such similar boards is conceived for either the installation of residential heated flooring tubes of ½” diameter or industrial heated tubes of 5/8” (included on the same board). The Hydrofoam boards are available in 4’ x 4’ in a 2” width. They are easy to manipulate, quick to install and offer a great resistance due to their high density content.


ISOMAX™ helps prevent thermal bridges from to the ground up. In the winter months thermal bridging can penetrate through the footing, ISOMAX™ allows you to insulate the footing preventing thermal transfer. The ISOMAX™ insulation system is unique, allowing the footing to be insulated before pouring the concrete, providing greater protection for the footing against frost. This unique system will ensure solidity and quality of the footing itself. The ISOMAX™ Footing Insulation system provides the basis for a superior foundation wall and is ideal for new home construction and renovation projects. The boards are available in three sizes for continuous footings: 30 in, 36 in and 40 in (according to the specific width of the footing required). Inner and outer universal corners are also available to provide greater functionality.


Keywords: Insulated Concrete, Insulation, Insulation Products