VESTA DMS-100 Advanced central office-based telephony for today’s mission-critical call centers

By: Plantcml  09-12-2011
Keywords: Call Center, call centers, Call Processing

VESTA DMS-100. Advanced central office-based telephony for emergency call centers

Emergency call centers are searching for a cost-effective call processing solution requiring no on-premise switching equipment and no end-user maintenance. The VESTA® DMS-100 (Digital Multiplexing Switch) call processing solution provides digital local exchange capabilities for 9-1-1 call centers located within five miles of a Central Office (CO) equipped with a Nortel Networks DMS-100 Switching System.

The VESTA DMS-100 solution is an intelligent telephone console designed to provide additional functionality to the Nortel Meridian Business Set (MBS) on a standard PC platform. The VESTA DMS-100 solution supported line-type is the Nortel proprietary Meridian Digital Centrex (MDC) combined with automatic call distribution (ACD). MDC lines carry analog voice simultaneously with data over voice.

This economic and streamlined system provides a feature-rich digital environment including ACD and a full suite of administrative call functions. The VESTA DMS-100 solution centralizes call center applications on an open platform for integration of telephony functions with mapping, incident tracking, radio, CAD, digital logging and third-party applications.

Designed to operate in a client/server environment, the VESTA DMS-100 solution can run in network or standalone mode. In this distributed concept each workstation functions independently, but still shares all the common files needed for the application via a network server. The VESTA DMS-100 solution’s flexibility allows user interaction and provides the ability to customize the look and feel to meet user needs.

  • Complies with federal requirements for multi-level precedence preemption (MLPP)
  • Traceable call history provides information about previous calls with the same calling number
  • Offers a modular configuration with no single point of failure
  • Provides a configurable location information response timeout
  • Advanced TTY, instant recall recorder (IRR) and note-taking
  • Configurable display supports any automatic location identification (ALI) format requirements
  • The VESTA® View™ call processing solution compatibility

Keywords: Call Center, call centers, Call Processing

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