Norconex | Information Discovery

By: Norconex  09-12-2011

Norconex | Information Discovery

Whether you’re planning on implementing a full blown e-discovery solution, or simply looking for an easy way to find out what digital assets your company has, we can definitely help guide you through an information discovery process.

Data Mining

Estimating the amount of investment required to build an enterprise search solution can be difficult. This estimation process can be made much more difficult if the nature of the content that is to be made searchable is not fully known. Determining various aspects of your content (file types, quantity, size, location, security level, quality, etc.) in advance of implementing an enterprise search system, can dramatically improve the solution put in place, and the quality of your search results. Through the use of a data mining process, we can provide you with a detailed report of what your data really looks like. Through this process of data mining, we will not only show you what your digital assets look like, but will also highlight early potential problems you might encounter trying to have an enterprise search system reach your data. Probing your data repositories during the early stages of your search project will help you understand the changes that need to be put in place to implement an effective search solution.

Some examples of useful information we can help derive through a data mining process include:

  • Total number of documents
  • Total and average document sizes
  • Documents missing your mandatory meta data (to help fix them)
  • Documents containing terms or patterns of your choice
  • Documents broken down by (see below)
  • Many more

The information listed in the above examples can be further broken down into categories of your choice. For example, when planning on how to make your content searchable, you might want to know the total number of documents or file types you have, broken down by department, database, website, author, date, etc.


Norconex provides consulting services for various forms of electronic data discovery, otherwise known as e-discovery. Through our extensive knowledge of how to effectively find data and make sure that it’s searchable, we can help your organization unveil all the structured and unstructured data related to your business. Our search specialists have experience using the best data discovery technologies available, to search, discover and locate various forms of electronic information. We can help discover content ranging in format from simple text files all the way to video, stored across one or many data repositories, whether those repositories are public or highly secure. The e-discovery process we can help implement can be used in civil and/or criminal court cases.

Norconex can help organizations approach e-discovery in whatever manner is most beneficial to them. We recognize that putting in place a full blown e-discovery solution for a court case can be quite expensive. Norconex specialists can architect a custom e-discovery solution tailored to your exact needs, and can take into consideration the re-use of existing enterprise class infrastructure components you already have. For example, an existing enterprise search engine and environment could be leveraged, to reduce cost and help you get the most value out of your existing investment.

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Norconex | Training

Not only can our enterprise search specialists provide training specifically related to the search technology you’ve acquired, but they can also modify the training to take into consideration how your acquired technology will be used within your environment. Our training, customized to your product, environment and needs, will ensure that your organization gets direct hands on experience that can then be applied directly within your environment.


Norconex | Taxonomies & Metadata

Although most enterprise search products are capable of providing relevant search results when searching across unstructured data, an end users search experience can be drastically improved through the proper use of metadata fields. This means we can definitely help you find a metadata tagging approach that will work best for your content and organization, and will be easy to maintain.