Biorefining Market | Ashland Inc

By: Hercules  09-12-2011

With a long history of process enhancement and water treatment, Ashland is well positioned to help biorefineries operate more efficiently and profitably. From extraction aids to increase corn oil production to corrosion inhibitors to protect plant assets, Ashland offers a variety of chemical technologies to address a wide range of customer needs. Our state-of-the-art product portfolio for biorefineries includes biocides, cleaners, coagulants and flocculants, corn oil extraction aids, corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, deposit and scale inhibitors, flotation aids, fuel oil additives and odor inhibitors.

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Building / Construction Market | Ashland. Inc

For design engineers and material specifiers looking to improve on the long-term serviceability of exotic alloys or carbon and stainless steels in the construction of pipes, tanks and machinery applications, you can count on us to help solve all your corrosion-resistant fiber-reinforced plastics applications.


Chemical Processing Market | Ashland Inc

With more than 100 years of water-treatment experience, we offer an extensive array of specialty chemicals that can help chemical-processing companies like yours improve operational efficiencies, protect plant assets and minimize environmental impact. You can’t afford downtime, whether it’s from equipment breakdown or from regulatory oversight problems.


Commercial / Institutional Market | Ashland Inc

That’s why we offer comprehensive, turnkey water-treatment programs including automated controllers and around-the-clock remote monitoring programs, corrosion and deposit control chemistries, non-chemical alternatives to traditional chemistries, advanced cooling and boiler water treatments, and local service teams.