By: Gatineau Chiropractor  09-12-2011
Keywords: Chiropractic Techniques, Naturopathic Techniques

Applied Techniques

Taking into account your health problem, your age, your global health condition and your preferences, we will apply one or several of the 112 listed chiropractic techniques as well as several naturopathic techniques which will help your body regain its health.

Dr. André Laplante uses softer adjustment techniques.

Below are some of the applied techniques :

The most used therapy consists of spinal, cranial and joint correction techniques, called interference adjustments. Dr. Laplante uses complementary therapies related to life’s six essential choices: nutrition (food and drinks), exercise, sleep advices (quality and quantity), quality of the air we breathe, and the element that has the greatest impact on our nervous system, that is our thoughts (past and present). To overcome the negative effects of acidity on our body, Dr. Laplante uses nutritional supplements and vitamins.

Treatment frequency is based on the diagnostic, the chronicity of your health problems and your goals. The more severe your health condition is, the more frequent your adjustments will be. There are several types of chiropractic treatments and each treatment has its own particular frequency in response to your specific needs.

Keywords: Chiropractic Techniques, Naturopathic Techniques