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By: Distribution Dinair  09-12-2011

Dinair Airtan™ has been voted #1 as the Sunless tanners by the National Enquire. Dinair Sunless Tanner is streak-free, that gives a natural-looking golden tan, and fades like a real tan.

Airtan™ applies easily and evenly, absorbs quickly and dries in less than 8 minutes.

You can actually see the tan appear as you airspray. Dinair's Sunless Tanner will not rub off on to clothes or bed sheets.

The final effect will last up to ten days as the skin slowly exfoliates off the dead skin tissue.

The Dinair Airtan™ is a "feel good" product that allows you to wear what you want, when you want! Feel free to wear those shorts or that skirt you want, by simply spraying your legs thigh down.


  • Dinair Beauty Compressor 3.6 lb.
  • Dinair Spraybrush 3000CA
  • Dinair Airtan™ solution, 1 gal
  • Spraybrush Hose
  • Dinair Spray moisturizer, 1 fl oz
  • 2 Utility Bottles, 2 oz.
  • 2 Tanner siphon lids
  • Spraybrush holder
  • Dinair Cleaner 8 oz.
  • CD rom

Only $635.00 CDN.

Dinair Airtan™ Solution Refills – only $264.00 CDN/gallon.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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The brush draws the makeup directly out of the makeup bottle and is perfect for body art where big areas of skin or hair are to be sprayed. It is an easy choice to use with Beauty Art Kits to create instant sun tans or with Body Art Kits to create theatrical FX. The Dinair Beauty Art delivers the makeup in a veil of mist on to your skin. The Dinair 3000 airspray brush is designed to have the 1 oz.


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Dinair's unique Spraybrush cosmetics are designed to last from morning to night with out touch up.


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A Kit 10 or more can easily include some of the opalescent and fantasy colors. Dinair Beauty Compressor, 0-10 psi, 3.6 lb. Practice Face, washable white plastic. Dinair Spraybrush™ Cleaner, 8 oz. Beauty Kit 4 .Four Colors..



Glamour Daily Wear, High Definition, Camouflage Matte and Satin For satin, mist over with Dinair facial moisturizer.Water based, silicon free. Camouflage Matte and Satin For satin, mist over lightly with Dinair body moisturizer.Water proof, silicon free. Shimmer Opalescent colorsOpalescent Silicon free, sets on contact, water and rub resistant. Fantasy Matte Silicon free, sets on contact, water and rub resistant.