By: Custom Tactical Gear  09-12-2011
Keywords: Emergency Services

Seeing is believing!

Nothing rivals the quality and convenience of Luminite Inflatable Light Towers

Luminite is an innovative product designed for the needs of today’s emergency services. Durable, easy to use and extremely quiet, these inflatable light towers provide first responders and mobile units with an impressive amount of ambient lighting that is easy on the eyes.

Portable and available in different sizes, they set up in 3 minutes singlehandedly. The Luminite is available in different sizes and can plug into a regular outlet or into a small generator.

The ambient light from a luminite tower is ideal for working safely. It has none of the blinding glare of other directional lighting solutions and works on minimal power requirements.


  • Sets up in seconds and comes to full brilliance in under three minutes.
  • Lights up large areas with 360º of ambient light.
  • Can be ordered in two sizes from 7’ (2.5m) to 15’(5m) to suit every situation.
  • Works on regular 120 VAC power supply or generator and draws only 8.5 amps.
  • With tie downs supplied, can withstand winds of up to 43mph (70 km/h).
  • Fire retardant industrial grade nylon tower (NFPA).
  • Field tested to NEC, local US regulatory authority and CSA-SPE-1000 requirements.
  • Ingress protection rating of IP 55.


  1. Emergency rescues
  2. Roadside interventions and extractions
  3. Investigations
  4. Confined-space interventions (7’- 2.5m)
  5. With optional adapter, can be deployed on dive/rescue boats

Int'l patent PT33/99 by Guido Medici EIL Systems-Italy

Keywords: Emergency Services