Art and Sports

By: Art Image Publications  09-12-2011
Keywords: Art, art reproductions, Fine Art Reproductions

By Kathleen Thompson and Rachel Ross

Program Description

Use Art and Sports as the foundation for a character education program and maximize student engagement. Designed for grades K-9+, students explore play, competition and interplay between society’s expectations of athletes and personal integrity. Each unit engages students’ interest by working through a specific theme they can relate to their own lives. Students learn to solve real, everyday problems, how to take control of their attitudes and feelings, share opinions, listen to other’s ideas and work together to create the best solutions. Each activity has been field-tested. The Teacher’s Guide is presented in a K-3 and 4-9 + format. Sample lessons are flexible so that teachers may adapt each one to the specific needs of their classrooms.

The Teacher’s Guide includes:

  • Information about the artists and the artworks
  • Guided looking activities
  • Discussion activities centered around the goals of character education
  • Ready-to-use sports related activities
  • Assessment guidelines
  • Suggested web sites and resources

The kit includes :

  • 6 Fine Art Reproductions 18" x 22 3/4" (45.8 cm x 56.5 cm)
  • A Teacher’s Guide
  • A plastic storage portfolio

Keywords: Art, art reproductions, Fine Art Reproductions, Plastic Storage, Program Description,

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