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By: Farimetal  09-12-2011
Keywords: Welding, Paint, Sheet Metal


We have 5 C.N.C. 3 axes milling machines, as well as several conventional machines. Our extensive expertise in milling enables us to manufactures the most complex parts. We work with aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and plastic, up to a maximum part size of 22" long X 16" wide X 10" high


We can paint you parts with liquid or powder paint, in any color or finish you want.


We can have your parts plated in any plating type you want, including applying an alkaline detergent cleaner or a chemical degreaser. We can also apply a directional graining to your parts prior plating if desired. The RoHS certification is also available for most plating types.

Sheet Metal

Manufacturing of your products in all types of metal, using 2 C.N.C. punch press machines. We can supply you with prototypes, and productions pieces in small or large quantities. We are specializing in orders with a short lead-time.


We can silkscreen your part in any color you want, and with multiple colors. We have the ability to make our own negative films.

Value Added Assembly

We can mechanically assemble you products and deliver them to you "turn key".


We have the capacity to do the most popular types of welding (Mig, Tig, Spotweld, brazing), and roboting welding as a sub contract. We can also weld your own parts.

Keywords: Milling, Paint, Sheet Metal, Silkscreening, Welding