Dural, a division of Multibond Inc - emulsion polymer isocyanate

By: Dural  09-12-2011

Dura Pro™EPIs are two-component adhesives based on reaction of a mixture of water based emulsions of SBR, EVA and PVAc type with an isocyanate hardener (cross-linker) forming water-resistant bonds. EPI adhesives can be formulated in many ways to give the optimal performance with respect to water resistance, curing speed, type of substrate, strength and viscosity in each bonding operation.

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Dural, a division of Multibond Inc - polyvinyl acetates

PVAc adhesives were first used to replace hide glues in the 1940's and are now the most widely used technology on the market. Each of these emulsions can be further classified as either being self-cross-linking or non-cross-linking. Poly vinyl acetate emulsions are also used in paints, textile sizing and as non-woven binders. Polyvinyl acetate is a synthetic polymer and a member of the vinyl ester family.


Dural, a division of Multibond Inc - water based

Dural has a full line of proprietary Polyvinyl Acetate, VAE Copolymer, Acrylic, Polyurethane, Dextrin and Natural Rubber Latex Emulsions. Full product range for all hot, cold and RF Pressing as well as the fastest line speeds. Products range from 35-70% in solids and 300 to 100,000 cps in viscosity.


Dural, a division of Multibond Inc - hot melt

Open times range from 2 - 60 seconds with immediate fiber tear, have heat resistance up to 200°F and come in colored, clear or opaque finishes. Our Dura Pro™products range from 1,000 to 25,000 cps in viscosity at temperatures ranging from 120°C to 175°C. Dural has a full line of hot melt adhesives that bond the most difficult substrates.