Canadian Customs Brokers Inc - consulting services

By: Canadian Customs Brokers  09-12-2011

Consulting Services:

Through years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of customs regulations and international trade laws, CCB advisors are fully capable of handling any customs task a customer might have at hand.

We specialize in

  • Reviewing, analyzing, and managing your customs activities
  • Representing our client before various government departments and agencies.

Let CCB specialists inform and advise you.

Other products and services from Canadian Customs Brokers


Canadian Customs Brokers Inc - free trade

In an instance where the goods cannot be classified under a free trade agreement, CCB advisors can recommend solutions, which if acted upon could render the good as originating under a particular free trade agreement. The North-American Free Trade Agreement allows importers substantial and sometimes complete reductions of customs duties on qualifying imported goods.


Canadian Customs Brokers Inc - customs compliance

Customs administrations have decided to shift focus from verifying each shipment to a periodic review of the importers customs activities. CCB has developed trade strategies that take into account some new requirements set-forth by the Canadian and American governments. New policies have been implemented by both governments in redefining the relationship between customs and the importer.


Canadian Customs Brokers Inc - united states

Knowledge of the documentary requirements specific to certain American agencies and departments (Food and Drug Administration, Department of Transportation, Federal Communications Commission, etc.) and products subject to special import measures. In order for a shipment to be released in the United States certain guidelines, set by U.S. Customs, must be followed and set forms filled out and submitted correctly.


Canadian Customs Brokers Inc - canada

In order for a shipment to be released in Canada certain guidelines, set by the Canada Border Services Agency , must be followed and set forms filled out and submitted correctly. CCB uses all possible release strategies to make sure your shipment is cleared as quickly as possible. Our customs brokers have an in-depth knowledge of Canadian customs laws and regulations on imports.


Canadian Customs Brokers Inc - tariff classification

Obtain confirmation of the classification of your imported goods from both the Canadian (National Customs Ruling) and American Customs Authorities. This 10-digit classification is now required at the time of customs release to your imported goods. Tariff Classification aids in obtaining the rate of customs duty that applies to an imported good. It also determines the good’s eligibility under a preferential free trade agreement.