Tribase Industries - Affordable Housing

By: Tribase Industries  09-12-2011
Keywords: Interim Financing

Tribase’s offering extends beyond a quality home: Tribase offers a complete affordable housing solution.

  • Tribase builds quality homes using premier materials in a controlled environment. Tribase homes have light-gage steel frames and high-tech light cement based paneling. More than 75% of materials used by Tribase are recycled or recyclable.
  • Because Tribase builds, delivers, and assembles a complete home so quickly, the company eliminates the client’s need for bridge and mezzanine financing. This in itself can lower the cost by 10% in comparison to a conventional home.
  • High capacity, with rapid and efficient delivery. Tribase builds homes 50% faster than a traditional builder.
  • Fixed price, turnkey projects. Material and professional costs are locked in before production even commences.
  • “Cash on delivery” payment terms. Sales are pre-approved and secured by 3rd party insurance if necessary.

The Tribase solution allows the client to deal with one supplier. The customer pays only when the house is completed and delivered, thus avoiding interim financing. Tribase assumes the responsibility for cost, schedule, and interim financing by:

  • Dramatically reducing the construction time
  • Tightly controlling every aspect of the manufacturing process
  • Contractually locking in costs
  • Contractually locking in sales and receivables

Tribase offers a high-volume, low-cost, low-risk housing solution.

Keywords: Interim Financing