Hard chromium

By: Rmh Industries  09-12-2011

Hard chromium is an electrolytic deposition applied directly to steel, cast iron, and alloys according to the thickness needed. Our chromium facilities and the products we use are state-of-the-art, so we can meet the industry’s growing needs. Our solution considerably boosts the operating life of your components and provides greater abrasion resis­tance. Chromium and the right surface finish reduce friction and eliminate adhesion. An excellent grasp of these processes is vital to the success of your projects. We have a number of plating tanks, including one that is 20’ deep, which take our plating capacities up to 40’ long.

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Chrome dur

Nos installations de chrome et les produits que nous utilisons sont à la fine pointe de la technologie pour répondre aux exigences crois­santes de l’industrie. La solution que nous utilisons augmente considérablement la durée de vie de vos composantes et assure une meilleure résistance à l’abrasion.