By: G-force Division  09-12-2011

We all get stuck in three feet of snow, or just want to turn around in our driveway. Grabbing the bumper and tugging on any sled is a pain in the back. With the new reverse kit, those aches and pains are a thing of the past!

Enjoy the ease of backing out of the snow or backing into your garage by just flipping the lever down for reverse gear, and up for forward gear.

This is a complete chain case replacement. Remove the whole OEM chain case from the sled and replace it with the new OEM Quality gear case.

No drilling, grinding, or cutting required. The new G-Force reverse gear case can be bolted and installed in the exact OEM chain case location in under 1 1/2 hours.

Completely safe and trouble-free, it will eliminate all the aches and pains of tugging on your Bravo, and make your ride more pleasant.

This Bravo reverse kit will fit any Yamaha Bravo snowmobile fabricated since 1982. Double-bend ski skins are an option to consider if your sled is not already equipped with them. The skins are rear bended for easier reverse ski floatation in deep snow. Give yourself a break and make your life easier.

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