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Self-Improvement/Motivation « Vitrine Communautaire

“Happiness is found in doing, not merely in possessing.” – Napoleon Hill

There is a common misperception that you demand to acquire things to be pleased. The average person is bombarded with about 1,000 sales messages per day. Billboard signs, television commercials, radio commercials, newspaper ads, magazine ads and spam. Most of these messages are trying to convince you that you demand something you don’t, or to consume something that is really harmful to you in the guise of some form of fun.

If you constitute unwise buys also often you’ll end up being in a consumer trap, the person who always buys knew things, rarely or never uses them, discovers that these things aren’t what makes him or her pleased, so goes fair back outside and buys more things just to repeat the whole action again and to get into credit card debt. Then you’ll have to employment much harder to pay the credit bill on the items that you don’t much employ.

Absolute happiness is found in doing what you like. Certain, some material things are necessary, and some are nice to have, however if you continuously acquire, acquire, acquire, acquire, acquire, then you’ll have to employment, employment, employment, employment, employment. You’ll get into debt and you’ll never have the age or money to do what you really desire to do.

And doing what you like to do is usually cheaper than buying the things that you’re told you demand or desire. It might sound weird to you at the moment, however it’s fair. We have been conditioned by the media to believe that to increase our happiness we must increase our spending habits – and that it really costs us more money and suffering to spend less. Incorrect. Incorrect. Incorrect.

How much does it cost you to play the guitar? To go to the beach? To spend an afternoon picnicking with your family? How much would it cost to go canoeing, hiking, horse-back riding or paragliding? How much would it cost you to capture that vacation you’ve always dreamed of? Or much to travel the earth?

How much does that brand-designation dress cost? Or that diamond ring? How much is a plasma TV, a fresh porsha or 20 DVDs? What is the cost (both financially and physically) of eating quick foods every day for a month?

Spend Less To Do More, Rather Than Spend More To Do Less

Timothy Ferriss in his textbook “The Four Hour Workweek” gives some examples of how low costs can be doing what you desire to do. Five days of diving in Panama on a Smithsonian research island, with guides and aliment, cost him a total of $250 US. Flying over Argentina for three days in a private plane cost $150 US.

My wife and I went from Lima, Peru to Pisco, Ica, Nazca, and Arequipa Peru, to Copacabana and La Paz Bolivia, then back to Peru to Puno, Cuzco and Lima. We visited Inca ruins, Lake Titicaca, hit the discos, went horse-back riding, took small boats encircling islands, went sand boarding, visited the Witches’ Market, flew over the Nazca Lines, entered catacomb tombs, relaxed at our hotel pool, toured Colca Canyon, visited ancient aqueducts and cemeteries, stayed on an island for two days, went of the beaten-path to visit small-known ruins like the Temple of Fertility, we visited museums, went to shows and a whole abundance more. Plus we bought presents for family and a hardly any souvenirs for ourselves.

Total cost of the entire five-week trip for two human beings: $1,200 US.

That’s for two human beings, plus gifts, and includes the cost of everything; hotels, aliment, swimming pools, cable TV, tours, transportation – everything. That’s only $600 per person for five weeks of fun, and if we hadn’t have bought the souvenirs and presents the cost would have been reduced to about $500 for each person. Only $100 per week, $14.29 per day.

How much does a fresh television cost?

Focus on doing what you desire to do. Don’t spend so much money buying stuff, spend it doing what you like to do. Not only is it usually cheaper, however it is a abundance more fun and a whole abundance more rewarding. You’ll have memories and experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your lifetime.

So which is it? Do or acquire?

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