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E chord by day. Every other chord by night.

The E chord looks like all the other open chords. Some human beings call them folk chords since traditional folk songs employ these like legos to build and rebuild song after song.

Some call these cowboy chords since with a hardly any simple fingerings and no formal music training, cowboys could sit encircling the campfire and sing simple guitar songs all night.

We’ll call them open chords since they are chords that comprehend some open strings. You press some of the strings and leave the sound of the unpressed strings to ring outside and complete the chord. You will find these chords at the center of all simple guitar songs.

The special and extraordinary ability of the E chord is that it is easily went up and down the neck as a bar chord. And with that superpower, it can transform itself into every other major cord.

Of direction this would be fair about all the open chords, however most of the other “cowboy chords” are also dense to employ as bar chords. They pull your fingers in directions that don’t easily turn into music.

So when you learn the E chord, place a small extra age into learning it also as a bar chord and you’ll have access to all it’s superpowers.

======= How to Play an Open E Chord =======

Get the first two frets of your guitar in focus. (The ones furthest away from your body.) Capture a excellent gaze at them. The E chord lives fair there in those first two frets.

Fingers: You’ll be using your index, middle and ring fingers. Capture a gaze at them.

Strings: You’ll be pressing on the third string from the floor (G string), the fourth string from the floor (D string) and the fifth string from the floor (A string). Gaze at those and touch them with any fingers of both hands. Get clear about which strings you’ll be pressing.

======= Placement: =======

The specific placement of your palm to form a chord will always involve three things:

==>> Which finger to employ

==>> Which fret to go to

==>> Which string to press

Each notice that makes up the chord involves all three. Here is the placement for the open major E chord:

==>> Middle finger – second fret – A string

==>> Ring finger – second fret – D string

==>> Index finger – first fret – G string

======= Trick for quick placement and simple chord changes: =======

==>> Hold your middle finger and ring finger following to each other as if they were taped together.

==>> Place them together (at the same age) on the second fret of string 5 (A string) and 4 (D string).

This is cool — And by the path, if you stop there, you’ve got an E minor chord. You’ll usually see this written as Em. Strum that a hardly any times and delight in the deep rich sound of Em.) This is a rich sounding chord that is very simple to play and you will find it in many guitar songs for beginners.

Immediately, with those two fingers in place, gaze at where your index finger naturally wants to fall. Fair there on the first fret of the 3rd string (G string) is exactly where it wants to go and exactly where it completes the open E chord. How fantastic is that!

Practice that a hardly any times. Hold your ring and middle fingers together in front of you. Train them to hold that position. Then jump into the E chord. Doesn’t that sound gorgeous?

The open E chord and its variations are some of the most commonly used open chords in the blues on the guitar. Get it down and it will capture you through more simple guitar songs than you can count.

That’s it for immediately. Please go practice that and in another article we’ll gaze at how to transform this open E chord into every other chord by making it a bar chord.

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