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By: Chantal Binet  09-12-2011
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I offer coaching services to leaders, executives and managers at different levels within organizations. I accompany these executives in their daily challenges:

  • Time and priority management (planning and organization) and work methods
  • Development of communication and personnel leadership skills
  • Development of the coaching approach as a method of management
  • Managing organizational changes
  • Preparing and managing the next generation of executives
  • Directing and mobilizing teams
  • Identification and maximisation of management strengths and abilities

Coaching is an effective process because it brings out the best in you. A coach will believe in you and in the fact that you are able to come up with your own solutions. A coach is trained to support you in this process. Specifically, this is what I will do for you during your coaching process:

  • I will listen.
    I will listen to you attentively. I will focus on you. I will listen to what you say, what you are trying to say and what you don’t say.
  • I will ask you discovery questions.
    When you fully disclose what you want, I will ask questions to make you think, give you clarity, help you see the big picture and focus on different perspectives, solutions and possible lines of action.
  • I will share.
    When you feel the need to go further in your solutions and you need validation, I will share my ideas, my comments, my perspectives, my advice on the situation, challenge or opportunity you are facing.
  • I will support you.
    Anyone who wishes to accomplish something needs, yes…needs an external voice that will give complete support, compassion and recognition: someone who truly knows what it takes to accomplish things and succeed.
  • I will make suggestions.
    I have great expectations for you. I want you to be at your best, happy, and healthy and to succeed. I want you to feel prosperous. I want you to be in total harmony with your environment and the people around you. I want you to live an inspiring life, for yourself as well as for others. Part of my work is to be three steps ahead of you while being right beside you at the same time. I will therefore make requests and suggestions.

Benefits of a coaching process

At the end of the coaching process, clients can expect:

  • Greater efficiency in their daily lives thanks to better management of time and resources as well as the ability to delegate
  • To become more conscious of their strengths, limits, beliefs and needs
  • An increase in productivity and mastering of their area of expertise
  • To be able to leave their comfort zone with ease, be more proactive and respond to events instead of reacting to them
  • To capitalize more on their own potential as well as that of their employees and colleagues
  • To put their new tools to use, repeat good coaching moves and be inspired and motivated by them
  • To have more self confidence, to trust in others and in the future
  • To be able to communicate in a healthy and efficient way
  • To get to know their natural leadership style, their strengths and managing skills
  • To reach their professional and personal goals faster and more efficiently
  • To be able to make decisions, choices and take action with ease
  • To be better at supporting their staff and recognizing their strengths and contribution
  • To have a better understanding of their role as executive/manager which will enable them to maximise their leadership skills and pinpoint the areas that need to be improved
  • To experience an increase in their level of satisfaction at work and in life ; a more balanced life and more time for their personal life

For all these reasons, clients will enjoy working more because they will be at their very best!

Keywords: Coaching

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