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It began in the mind… It stirred the soul.....



Our experts are first and foremost capable, compassionate and caring people who pride themselves on their skills and service. We take our members’ goals and results to heart and invest in each and every individual’s progress from beginning to end. Quartier Revolution is not a “big gym” concept where clients are unfathomable faces — we are a community based on our common love of health and well-being. We believe that fitness, wellness, weight loss and rehabilitation can be an educational and enjo

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At Quartier Revolution, we are fuelled by the conviction that health is our birthright. We set our hearts, minds and bodies to create an environment that caters to the human being as a whole — a place we are confident you will feel at home.

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CrossFit, Bootcamp, Yoga, Zumba, Fitness

To accommodate our members’ various needs and help them achieve their health objectives, we offer CrossFit, Zumba, Bootcamp, Yoga group classes, private training, semi-private training, high intensity interval training, consultations with qualified professionals (including a nutritionist, massage therapist, sports therapist, personal trainer, etc), as well as a health lounge where they can unwind and enjoy a smoothie.