Delta Marketing - Environmental Air Sponge TM

By: Delta Marketing  09-12-2011

Delta Marketing - Environmental Air Sponge TM

Environmental Air Sponge ™ is an amazing paste-gel made of 18 biodegradable and ecological ingredients that absorbs pollutants in the air and literally remove strong odours of all kinds.

Discovered over 20 years ago, Environmental Air Sponge ™ has been successfully utilized in a variety of large scale commercial applications. Among others, it has been used in sewer gas treatment facilities, subways and bus terminals, commercial airlines, hospitals, hotels and in buildings damaged by fire and other disasters.

Environmental Air Sponge ™ has only recently been packaged for everyday household use, in ½ pound, 1 pound and 4 pound size containers.

Contrarily to conventional air fresheners and other deodorants that simply mask odours by introducing perfume into the air, Environmental Air Sponge ™ literally absorbs and removes strong odours and most pollutants suspended in the air, such as: fire smoke, tobacco smoke, humidity, mildew, pet smells, cleaning solvents, detergents, paint fumes, epoxy, gasoline, and much more…

Buy it… Open it… Enjoy it!

At the office, at the factory or at the laboratory, Environmental Air Sponge ™ exposed into the air circulation systems, remove offensive odours. At home, in the garage, in the car, Environmental Air Sponge ™ used outside the air circulation systems, ensures the necessary comfort to human occupancy.


Environmental Air Sponge ™ is mainly composed of a solid paste-gel made of polyesters, emulsifiers, activated charcoal and hygroscopic and detoxifying agents.

Environmental Air Sponge ™ is biodegradable and environmentally safe!

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Delta Marketing - Instant Air Sponge TM

The good news is that Instant Air Sponge ™ is made of only natural and organic solutions which make it environmentally safe and biodegradable. Instant Air Sponge ™ liquid spray is the fastest way to get rid of malodor instantly upon spraying the affected area. Use the Original Environmental Air Sponge ™ (paste-gel) for a long term odours control. Instant Air Sponge ™ is available in two handy sizes: 4oz and 10oz spray container.