Circle Star - Services In Japan

By: Circle Star  09-12-2011

Circle Star provides a comprehensive package of services that allow entrepreneurs to concentrate on perfecting their technology to meet Japanese standards: Market Assessment
Circle Star conducts an initial market assessment by performing a situation analysis that includes identifying the most appropriate target market for products, determining the market size and market potential, identifying and approaching suitable companies in the key market targets, determining necessary marketing materials, and recommending the most effective penetration strategy for success. Lead Generation
The lead generation process is produced with the guidance of Circle Corporation management based on its in-depth knowledge of customer needs in Japan. This enables Circle Star to leverage its extensive network of contacts and the Circle Corporation client base to arrange face-to-face meetings with prospective clients for introducing new solutions. This crucial step that sets the tone for all further developments includes following up with perspective leads to obtain contracts and facilitating all ongoing communication between the parties. Marketing Consultation
Circle Star's tailored business services include consultation on all aspects concerned with increasing the Israeli company's chances for success such as product positioning and pricing, determining the distribution strategy, creating lucrative business models, and facilitating long-term strategic planning for achieving desired marketing goals in the region. Closing The Deal
Once Circle Star has brought all the relevant parties together and presented the solution in the most optimal conditions for introducing a new product in Japan, the negotiation process begins. Circle Star provides consultation and leverages its in-depth familiarity with Japanese ways to manage all aspects of signing a deal that ensures Japanese expectations being met and delivered in a timely manner. Maintaining Communications
One of the most significant aspects of Circle Star's service is its dedication to maintaining ongoing communications with customers in Japan, to ensure the smooth execution of agreements and continually identify new business opportunities throughout the region. Full-Service Representation
Circle Star's goal is to make corporate business trips to the Far East as easy and convenient as possible for customers, by mapping out the business terrain, and eliminating all the coordination involved in traveling to a foreign country to conduct business. This includes extensive briefing on the Japanese business culture prior to taking off, and handling everything to do with arranging transportation and accommodations to fit the individualized needs of our customers. Regional Penetration
Beyond furthering the business interests of Israeli companies in Japan, Circle Star applies its expertise toward helping penetrate other countries in the region such as Korea and Singapore.