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By: Cale  09-12-2011
Keywords: Terminals, Payment terminals

Cale, market leading in the field of unattended payment terminals, set the norm for webbased monitoring of payment terminals with Cale WebOffice. It natural next step was to combine Cale WebTerminal with Cale WebOffice, resulting in Cale WebConcept. Hereby, it was possible to offer completely new possibilities to streamline and simplify the customers' operation.

Large time savings

Thanks to the connection between Cale WebTerminal and Cale WebOffice, an internet connected computer is all that is needed to, at any time, monitor the status of the terminals. This means huge savings in both time and money.

Versatile concept

Although Cale WebConcept is developed with Cale WebTerminal in mind, it can naturally also be used with older terminals from Cale.

Cale WebConcept can be used to sell everything from traditional tickets for parking and mass transit, to selling tickets for a theater show or for 18 holes on the golf course. It is also possible to charge for printing information, for example tourist information, or, as an extra service, offer the end user to print this information for free.

Easy administration and access to information

Cale WebConcept can inform about everything the customers want to know about their terminals, for example purchase statistics, if the coin box needs to be emptied, if a terminal is not functioning properly, or if someone is attempting to break-in into the terminal*.

This means that service engineers do not have to permanently visit every terminal to make sure they are ok. If something happens with a terminal, the customer will instantly get notified and have all information at hand to take the correct measures. It is also possible to sit by a computer and easily change the information, for example tariffs, that are shown on the terminal display. Customers decide for themselves when the changes will take effect and if the changes will affect one, a few, or all terminals. 

Flexible use

Cale WebConceptis a very flexible, modular system, that fully can be adapted to various companies' size and needs. Functionality can be added gradually to reflect any changes in needs. And since Cale WebConcept is webbased, customers do not have to worry about upgrading to the latest version. Cale handles that automatically for all customers.

*) this function requires a vibration detector in the terminal, which is an option.

Keywords: Payment terminals, Terminals

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