By: Aenos  09-12-2011
Keywords: Hotels, Quality Standards, government services

Restaurants – From chef’s coats to napkins, we can supply you with all your dining room and kitchen requirements. We meet with you to assess your needs and together we establish a delivery schedule and a quality standard to suit all your needs.

Hotels – We understand the volume of linens that needs to be washed on a daily basis. Hotels that do their own laundry are often unable to focus on their core business.  Our goal is to match and exceed the quality standards of your clientele.  With our technologically advanced systems, new production techniques, and efficient management, we help you reach your business goals.

Government services – From the strict military requirements of the Canadian Forces, to the volume requirements of correctional facilities located throughout Quebec, Service de location Aenos limitée delivers on time and meets or exceeds the quality standards of all levels of Government.

Cruise ships - In this sector, turnaround times are crucial, sometimes as short as a six hour port of call. With clients in Montreal, Quebec City, Kingston, and Toronto, we provide the same high quality and efficient services with guaranteed on-time delivery.

Convention centers – Over the last 15 years, we have developed a strong working relationship with some of the largest convention facilities in Montreal.  Service de location Aenos limitée can satisfy the hosting requirements of groups from 60 to 6,000 people, on time, on budget, and to the highest quality standards expected when you are presenting Montreal to the World.

Keywords: Correctional Facilities, cruise ships, government services, Hosting Requirements, Hotels, Quality Standards,