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By: Verifaction Solutions  09-12-2011
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The Talent Scout is today's state of the art Recruiting Platform. Rather being one more Applicant Tracking System, the Talent Scout is a fully integrated staffing support system customized to each individual client's hiring process. Ideal for corporate, retail, association/community and health care markets.


Our implementation process takes, on average, 4 weeks requiring about 8 hours of client staff time. A comprehensive questionnaire, draft site to work with and in depth understanding of client requirements and the staffing process allows for trouble free implementation of client Talent Scout applications.

Job Seeker Profile

All candidates register with the system by creating a user controlled profile. Candidate information is searchable including attached documents.

Candidate Assessment

Requisition Management

The Talent Scout process begins and is controlled by the requisition process. Hiring Managers can only request hiring for pre-approved jobs with all approvals managed within the system. Actual posting is controlled by entries (editable) in the requisition system.

Candidate Management

Candidates are managed through the requisition module. All activity including communication, interview scheduling and record keeping is integrated with the requisition.

Staffing Process

The true power of our staffing process lies in its ability to use the data collected from a candidate and produce an accurate and efficient match between candidate capabilities and job requirements.

Background Check

Integrated background checks further increase your chances for hiring success and create an even stronger staffing support application.

Metrics & Reporting

The Talent Scout includes a range of standardized reports, client supplied report requirements and an ad hoc report preparation process. Candidate source information, time to hire and other process measurement reporting allow clients to assess and improve their staffing activities.

Support & Maintenance

Our support process enables your application to scale with your organization needs and adapt to changes in your process.

What's Included

Talent Scout consists of the following components:

  • Hiring requisition system that incorporates both your existing forms and approval process. It also includes tools that allow you to gather statistics related to time to hire and cost of hire among others
  • Job bank position control that allows HR to control what jobs can be requested and posted
  • Job posting with timers and the ability to restrict applications to employees only for pre-set periods of time
  • Applicant tracking with full boolean search capability of all your candidates. We also include talent alerts that allow recruiters and hiring managers to know when individuals with predefined skills register with your site or apply for a job
  • Integrated pre-screening questions with scoring and ranking
  • On screen hiring process coaching to guide hiring managers with next steps.
  • Interview scheduling and results management
  • Integrated third party personality/suitability assessments.
  • Hiring documents on line
  • Integration with client HRIS for hired candidates
  • On-boarding including start up forms and orientation
  • On screen hiring process coaching to guide hiring managers with next steps

This application is available in multi language format selectable by the user.

Keywords: Applicant Tracking

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