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Keywords: Personal Development

The 5 Major Trends we work with..

Your body is your most important vehicle. As the Baby-Boomer population begins turning 65, there is no doubt that this generation's attention will turn to wellnesss products. Mission Marketing Global has chosen Shaklee as the supplier of choice for the very simple reason that Shaklee has been tried, tested and proven and after investing well over $250 Million in Research and Development and countless double-blind clinical studies, there is no doubt as to why Shaklee is THE NO. 1 NATURAL HEALTH NUTRITION company in America today

Mission Marketing Global has been an Independent Distributor of Shaklee Products since 2004 and we wouln't even think of switching to another brand. We've made the switch!

One such discovery is Light and Sound Technology. And when you combine Creative Visualisation exercises with Light and Sound, you get Personal Development on steroids.






Yet, when we get regular mail from the Post Office, it’s almost a refreshing experience, except for the bills of course.

What does SOC Do?
A concept and service that is changing people’s lives. You can send a printed greeting card with your message in Less than 60 Seconds. It’s a simple 3 step process and YOU do it online.

  1. Choose your card among thousands of choices
  2. Write your personal message
  1. Prints it… (including the envelope)
  2. Stuffs it.. (and puts a stamp on it)
  3. Mails it… (all for less than a greeting card at the store)




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Keywords: Personal Development

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Twelve individual 50-minute one-on-one telephone coaching & consulting sessions with online desktop sharing as needed for visual reinforcement and retention. Our entire mutual conversation and every move on your screen is captured in a video recording that we deliver to you within 24 hours of the session. Three consecutive months of coaching and consulting tailored to your business needs.