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By: Indotech  09-12-2011
Keywords: Door, curtain

  • Fast opening (24 to 60 inches/seconds)
  • Secure & durable
  • Stays flexible at temperature of -40°C to 75°C
  • Choice of color
  • Safety photocell switch
  • High efficiency operator
  • Soft bottom bar
  • Ability to self-repair

The curtain is made of chloride polyvinyl (choice of 6 colors) and is 0.03in. (0.66mm) thick and is reinforced with polyester. The curtain keeps it's flexibility within a temperature range of –40°C to 75°C.

Low maintenance cost

Most of the steel components of the EZ-ROLL door are simple, available and easy to find on the market. That means the door can often be repaired by the clients own maintenance staff.

The door requires no balancing springs or compensating springs or weights . This feature means that this is a simple door that will give long service at minimum maintenance and down time cost.


Endlocks on the curtain are made of polyurethane wrapped in a membrane of polyvinyl and pressure vulcanized to the curtain.

Fast opening

EZ-Roll door might reach opening speed as high as 72 in./sec (1829 mm/sec).

Soft bottom bar

Bottom bar of the curtain is made of an aluminum extrusion the whole width of the door and is available with a pneumatic security edge. Upon impact, the curtain releases from the vertical guides, minimizing damage to the vehicle and the door. The curtain can be reinstalled in the guides automatically by opening the door and then closing it back.

Electric operator

The choice of electric operator ranges from 1 to 3 HP, from 115 to 575 V and from 1 to 3 ph. Option grades are NEMA 1, NEMA 4/12, NEMA 7/9 et NEMA 4X are also available. All operators come with manual chain hoist in case of electrical shut downs.

The operator carries the main roller with a chain # 50 for a maximum toughness and durability.

Vertical Guides

Vertical guides are assembled with wear strips of PVC that minimizes friction and wear on the endlocks Guides can resist wind loads to up to 10 psf (0.48 KPa) before the curtain releases from the guides.

Finish & Accessories

All iron surfaces receive two coatsof primer and two coats of finish paint.

Each door comes with a photocell switch to avoid injuries and damages.

The EZ-Roll door is available with smart adjustable motion detectors for added security and operating options.

Keywords: curtain, Door

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