Alu-Tech Series : Indotech

By: Indotech  09-12-2011

The Alu-Tech series offers superior quality aluminum doors, custom-made using the latest technology. They are perfect for service stations, car and truck washes, police and fire stations. The construction is alumnum tubular extrusion of the highest quality allow, heat treated to 6063-T6. the extrusions are fastened with full-length bolts. PLUS, the Alu-Tech series of doors are good looking. You'll want to use them for their durability and efficiency; your clients and suppliers will notice them for their style and elegance. It's the perfect marriage of quality and professional appearance.

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Industrial Garage Doors : Indotech

Specialized in roll-up rubber doors, aluminum sectional doors and multi-blade doors, our TECH-ROLL, ALU-TECH and MULTI-TECH product lines are designed to meet a wide range of standard and custom applications. Each series can include a number of options - from windows and safety stripes to remote controls and logic controllers. Indotech's design team offers custom solutions to meet your specific needs.


Tech-Roll Series : Indotech

This model has a system of torsion springs with a life expectancy of 25 000 to 200 000 cycles and has an economical motor with sufficient power to operate the door at speeds of 305 mm to 457 mm / second (12 - 18 inches per second). Made from high-quality materials and state-of-the-art components, these doors are rugged and very safe, offering outstanding performance and durability.


EZ-Roll : Indotech

Endlocks on the curtain are made of polyurethane wrapped in a membrane of polyvinyl and pressure vulcanized to the curtain. Upon impact, the curtain releases from the vertical guides, minimizing damage to the vehicle and the door. Most of the steel components of the EZ-ROLL door are simple, available and easy to find on the market. The choice of electric operator ranges from 1 to 3 HP, from 115 to 575 V and from 1 to 3 ph.


RS-Tech : Indotech

The RS-Tech door is a conventional sectional door designed for high speed, frequent and intensive use. All RS-Tech doors can be built to meet your dimensions and specifications. A good choice in any situation where a standard door would be overused. Its unique design combines safety, speed and security.