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By: Iai Biopharma  09-12-2011

Our team of engineers and mechanical designers represents both the critical human capital which is essential to support of our development and the safeguard of quality for our clients.

All units of the Department make use of lead edge technology platforms. Finite elements analysis and simulation softwares are some of the standard development tools used by our professional teams. Mechanical design activities are performed with Autocad and Solid Edge for parametric and 3D drawings. These tools can simulate equipment operating in the plant using virtual, pre-fabrication images.

The combination of professional resources together with our production processes makes it possible to move from design to development and prototyping, then to fabrication in a continuous integrated flow.

With these major advantages, IAI BioPharma becomes a priviledged partner to guide and support Corporations operating in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

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Reactors, bioreactors and «glove box» barrier isolation technologies represent an important part of IAI BioPharma’s production. We have acquired and maintained an unequalled reputation of quality in the design and fabrication of a variety of equipment. IAI BioPharma is renowned for its competence in delivering custom process technologies.