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By: Le Spécialiste Du Terrain  09-12-2011

Dezoning consists in changing the vocation of a piece of land from an administrative and commercial perspective. Further to dezoning, farmland can become a constructible zone, for example residential land. Dezoning is the business of specialists. The following are the main steps in dezoning: 

1. Creation of a file: preliminary study of your project.

2. In-depth analysis of the zoning change and the likelihood of success in this initiative. 

3. Preparation of an adequate project plan if our dezoning expert validates the project’s potential.

4. Consultation with resource persons to allow the file to go ahead.

5. Preparation of the complete file. The objective of this report is to demonstrate the reasons why the zoning change of the land in question is relevant.

6. Presentation to the appropriate authorities capable of deciding on a zoning change.

7. File follow-up.

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Subdivision management consists in helping customers split a piece of land into several lots. Land Specialist proposes two options:

1. Subdivision management only; the customer is independent afterwards;

2. Subdivision management followed by the sale at market price by Land Specialist.

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The principle of partnership for land development

Land sellers scan choose to work in partnership with Land Specialist to maximize the value of the profit they can realize from the sale of their real property. The principle consists in going beyond the sale of the land by becoming a financial partner in a real-estate project.

Example of a partnership project for land development

A land seller decides to participate in a partnership orchestrated by Land Specialist to maximize the value of his land. Land Specialist chooses a real-estate developer interested in the development of a project at this location. The real-estate developer and the land owner agree on the rules for the sharing of revenues generated by this operation. At the conclusion of the project, the land seller obtains higher revenues than he would have obtained in a traditional transaction.

Several available formulas

Land Specialist can propose several partnership formulas based on your land, your expectations and the market. Land Specialist has established solid relationships with customers and business partners looking for land for real-estate projects.

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Les vendeurs de terrains peuvent choisir de travailler en partenariat avec le Spécialiste du Terrain pour valoriser au maximum le profit qu’ils peuvent réaliser grâce à la vente de leur bien immobilier. Ce rapport a pour objectif de démontrer les raisons pour lesquelles le changement de zonage du terrain en question est pertinent.