Document Review Tool

By: Design Energie Logique  09-12-2011

Do you need to..?

  • Review technical documents without mounds of paper?
  • Share diagrams, schematics, and spec files for review with team members anywhere?
  • Capture review metrics for process improvement, accountability, or to meet regulatory requirements?
  • Find one tool for your hardware, software, and engineering teams to use for peer reviews?

Enter PeerReview Complete for Document Reviews

  • Use flexible review formats to maximize team productivity: Hold live document reviews in a virtual setting. Or allow users across time zones or in different offices to review documents at a time that is convenient for them.
  • Hold reviewers accountable: Since every document review is tracked, reviewers are accountable. Team members can easily show approval milestones have been met and that mentoring relationships are working well.

Best of all, PeerReview Complete is accessible to any size team. The software is easy enough for a small team to use, but scalable for even the largest organizations.

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