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By: Cpl Informatique  09-12-2011

The custom counter

C2 WebClient offers the possibility to the client, through of a modern portal, to submit a request from any terminal equipped with a web browser. Customizable with a few simple clicks, it integrates into your service chain as an always-open access point for an unlimited number of clients. Whether it be a company's IT support or customer service for commercial activities, C2 WebClient is a must-have tool to reduce the flow of calls to a customer service department

A resource center for every user, C2 WebClient provides documentation pertinent to the request's nature (FAQ, User Manual ..). An event log keeps a track, for the client as well as the resource, of every request, whether processed or pending resolution. With the assistance of other modules, C2 WebClient is able to gather precise data input by the user (requires C2 Profiler), to trigger actions at the submission of the request (requires C2 InterAction), or to integrate the portal into another environment within the company. (requires C2 SDK).

Key Benefits

An operational service center

Accessible at any time,

C2 WebClient

is the customer-oriented extension of

C2 Enterprise

, striving to increase both integration and availability of your customer service.

Listening to users
Integrating easily into a business environment, C2 WebClient has been designed so as to minimize processing delays and to offer a custom response.

Documents database
To stop wasting time answering frequent and repetitive requests, you can offer universal solutions to common problems and focus on more complex issues.

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